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This is a dairy supplements for low milk Yielders and dry cows. Cows in late lactation stage would require lower nutrient concentrate in the supplemental concentration in the supplemental concentrates to calm cows in the parlor.



In such cases where the cows has been dried off, a dairy meal is necessary not to encourage milk.

Let do remaining milk in the udder, a process that is economical therefore to use a concentrate that meets these requirements which should be cheaper in cost than ordinary dairy concentrates wonder feeds boa dairy meal is formulated to meet these objective of dairy farming.

We pride ourselves with the formulation of high quality products using the best raw materials after conducting rigorous testing.
We ensure our products remain consistent to the preference of our customer.
We have invested in a fleet of vehicles to ensure reliability in the distribution of our products. We have also increased the production lines to meet the demand of our products.
We are proud of our staff who are committed in providing friendly and efficient service to you (Our Customers).

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